Summer 2017

What’s new with Katie Gaven Art? Well, many dandy things! New art collections, new murals, and new events! The summer kicked off with a mural camp at Live Oak Waldorf School in Meadow Vista, Ca. The camp was a week long project executed by three awesome budding artists in sweltering 100 degree weather! Mural prep! … More Summer 2017

Malawi Made

Tailored Clothing info!  Joy and I will be returning next month, and March is already flying by! I’ve been talking with a few local tailors and I’d love to give them a little business before I leave. I will definitely bring back a variety of beautiful chitenges if anyone is interested in buying for $10. … More Malawi Made

Malawian Marketing

I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of the best shop names and signs I’ve seen so far. This is just a sample. There are many more great ones out there!  I’ve never really thought about how powerful words are in this kind of context. I will literally see something like “Paradise Place” or … More Malawian Marketing


I could easily write a ten volume series on all the edible endeavors so far. I knew I loved food before I came here. Now I think I should just bleach and spike my hair. Then I’ll call my twin Guy Feiri and we’ll travel the Malawian countryside.  Eating with my hands is a technique … More Food!!

Malawi Thoughts 

I’ve been here a little over a month now. Already feels like it’s been a year! Sometimes my family is concerned that I’m bored when they leave for work and school. Little do they know it’s my downtime from the constant excitement! All their same old daily routines are still adventures for me. I’m entertained … More Malawi Thoughts 

Week 2-3

Some Destinations so far- Blantyre, Salima, Senga, Mulanji, Lilongwe (all Malawi) and Mozambique!   Reeckys send off with Mama Agnes   The Chileka gang! Cousin Katie and Joy!  The bros and their green!- Gani and Reecky   My sis Tabs! And that guy… “Villan” who is really quite a nice lad despite the name Still  feeling … More Week 2-3